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Hi, my name is Christina

I am a passionate web designer & developer from Vienna. I focus on authentic and stratgic websites which help you transmit the right message to your target group.

I am designer, thinker, developer, traveler, yogi, acrobat and movement lover. If I am not creating websites you will find me practising or teaching Yoga & AcroYoga. Find me upside down  here, or by hovering over the photo on the left.

With DesignCycle I want to offer a holistic approach on webdesign. Help your users to get a great user experience by guiding them gently through your website. Building trust through words, images and design. Help your users to easily connect to your story and brand.

I love to work in an international context across borders and oceans. Most of my work is done remotely and independent of location: Wherever you are, you can count on my support.

Let’s create together!

Webdesign with heart

Your website is your digital business card

You want to go outwards with your vision and make it visible through a website?
Together we will create a professional website which attracts the right audience for your business. The world is waiting for you and your ideas.
We will build a website you will fall in love with.

Your website should be:

  • representative for your business and values
  • personalized & authentic
  • customized for your needs
  • easy for your users to find
  • meaningful & informative
  • intuitive to use
  • tested on different screen sizes
  • cross browser compatible
  • and memorable!
How the magic happens


By understanding your target group and their needs we can create an on point experience. A strategic website can turn your website’s visitors into your biggest fans. Let your website tell your story memorably.


The design reflects the personality of your brand. Your idea and business is unique, so why not your website? Beautiful, modern and customized for your brand.

Individual solutions

Whatever helps to transmit your message best: a powerful one pager, a multipage website or a blog. Together we create the best web solution for your business goals.

Some of the tools & technologies I regularly work with

  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • HTML 5
  • PHP
  • CSS Less
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • WordPress

A selection of my work

Website for Sportsclub focusing on offering sports for people with disabilities

Business presentation for cleaning service

Train travel platform for an Austrian startup

Website for NGO fighting against food waste

Some of my Clients

The collaboration with Christina was extremely positive. Since we are a creative agency, we had already a very specific vision and prepared wireframes for some pages. Christina understood from the first moment what we want to express visually and added great value with her creativity and UI knowledge. She was very well organized, gave us feedback on all important steps, and tested the website before we went live. The outcome speaks for itself. We still receive positive feedback after being live for 1 month.

Sandra Noll

Frames of Life

Dear Christina, thank you very much for your reliability & structural mind. From the beginning you took us by the hand and guided us step by step – meeting by meeting.

You were listening to our wishes and ideas and put them into shape, still keeping the usability & needs of our clients in mind. Through you our organization got finally a professional website which reflects exactly how we imagined it to be.
Thank you for your great work.

Daniela Leitgeb



Questions & Answers

Depending on the complexity of the project and on my availability, a typically business webpage takes between 1 and 3 months.

The pricing depends on the complexity & functionality of your website.
Prices for a business website start from 1.200 € and can go up to 3.000€. 

Feel free to contact me for a free first meeting to talk about your needs and goals.
From there I can give you a more  detailed quote.

Firstly we will define the goal of your website. What is your target audience? What does your target audience need and how can we help them?
We will be working on the site structure and the content elements. What content do we need on the website, and what can be left out?

From there I will create wireframes (scribbles) to give you a first impression on how the user will be using your website.

Next we define the general look and feel: fonts, colors, elements, …
With this information I will already create the final design of your new website.

As soon as we are both happy with the design, I will start developing your webpage. Creating all functionalities of the page and inserting the content which you (or a copy writer) will provide.

I will help as an consultant on where to host your website. I am especially focused on hosts providing servers running on green energy.

If you are already having your own hosting, I can setup your new website there.

Thank you for your trust. I am happy to send you my CV. Just send me an email on or use the contact form bellow.

I am doing my best to build a system which is intuitive and easy to use. Also I will train you on how you can easily update your website. Don’t worry you will not be left alone with this! 🙂

Yes, if you wish we can agree on a maintenance plan and I keep your back free from this work.

I am happy to help you bring your old WordPress website back to life. Also I am happy to help you understand your website, so you feel empowered to edit it yourself, if you want.

Yes, I create different web solutions. Depending on your needs and goals I can build landing pages, multipage websites, multilingual websites, blogs, shops, etc.

My expertise is definitely in webdesign. If you need some print design additional to your website I can offer simple designs on the side.


Let's talk about you and your project